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Carbon Dioxide  Sequestration Facies Modeling
Valerie L. Smith

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Between 2009 and 2016 I worked as a reservoir geophysicist involved with CO2 sequestration as a method to reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Working within the Subsurface Team for Schlumberger Carbon Services my responsibilities involved CO2 storage site assessment, reservoir characterization, and reservoir modeling. I developed reservoir models by integrating all available subsurface information through the use of Petrel’s “Seismic-to-Simulation” workflow. I considered depositional systems and facies relationships as supported by well logs, core samples, and 3D seismic attributes. I worked closely with geoscientist and reservoir engineers to ensure that key geophysical attributes are appropriately represented and distributed within subsurface models. My work often included the mapping of surface and near-surface features that may affect storage site selection.

Key words (from my career experience as a Geologist and Geophysicist):

I have over 13 years of experience in a number of laboratory related activities in the fields of electronics, spectroscopy, computer programming, optics, and chemistry. Responsibilities include working with clients, engineers, and fellow test specialists to ensure the proper execution of laboratory tests as well as gathering and analyzing data. My lab experience includes hands-on design, fabrication, and calibration of laboratory apparatus and subsequent use of lab equipment to carry out tests and investigations. I develop empirical mathematical models describing operational parameters. My work includes preparing test procedures and writing test reports for clients. In the summer of 2016 (on a part-time basis) I returned to R&B Laboratory to refurbish and calibrate existing transient equipment and develop solutions to meet new EMC test requirements.

Key words (from my career experience as an Engineer and Physicist):
Lightning Generators DO-160 Programming & Modeling
EMC Testing Equipment Calibration
Data Analysis  &  Presentation Lab fixtures
Material Testing Spectroscopy & Optics
Test Setup    & Fabrication High Voltage / Pulsed Power