CHRONOLOGICAL EXPERIENCE – EXPANDED: List in reverse sequence from latest to earliest

R&B Laboratory, formerly Alion Science and Technology, West Conshohocken, PA

EMC Engineer, December 1996 – August 2004, Summer 2016

Among routine electromagnetic compatibility testing, I was responsible for the maintenance and development of transient test capabilities and performing surge and lightning susceptibility tests per commercial and government specifications and procedures. Pulsed power applications included everything from full threat EMP to direct effects lightning testing at 200 kA.

In the summer of 2016 returned to refurbish and calibrate existing transient equipment and develop solutions to meet new test requirements.



·         Redesigned the company’s lightning test laboratory

·         Designed and fabricated various high-voltage and high-current transient generators

·         Performed the transient susceptibility testing for various electronic products

·         Wrote test reports for clients detailing the results of EMC and lightning testing



Schlumberger, Carbon Services, Columbus, OH

Reservoir Geophysicist, Oct 2008 to June 2016

I worked as a geologist and geomodeller in a diverse subsurface asset team towards the characterization, evaluation, and monitoring of CO2 injection operations for projects in North America.



·         I collaborate with petro technical experts both inside and outside of Schlumberger

·         I am proficient at working with and interpreting a broad  range of subsurface data including 2D and 3D seismic, various seismic inversion products, well logs, core, and microseismic data.

·         I’ve become a keen user of Petrel geomodeling workflows and documentation



Schlumberger, Information Solutions (SIS), Houston, TX

Geology Intern, Summer 2007

I worked with the newly released Petrel 2007.1 to develop a reservoir model for the Tensleep reservoir at Teapot Dome Oilfield, Wyoming. This work supported my research efforts at WVU.



·         Quality checked well logs from 300+ wells for use in creating subsurface models

·         Interpreted well logs, seismic data, fracture data, and production data

·         Integrated above data into the single Petrel software environment



West Virginia University, Dept. of Geology and Geography, Morgantown, WV

Research Assistant, July 2006 – Dec 2008

My M.S. research involved stochastic methods for the modeling of natural fracture networks based on fullbore imagery, seismic attributes and outcrop observations.



·         Familiarization with 3D seismic dataset for Teapot Dome, Wyoming

·         Literature review (i.e. curvature analysis, stochastic fracture modeling, reservoir characterization, Teapot Dome geology)

·         M.S. Thesis Research Proposal completed 6-months ahead of schedule



ISK Magnetics Inc., Bethlehem, PA Do not list address or geographical location

Research Associate, December 1992 – December 1996

I was responsible for performing synthetic magnetic iron oxide work within the R&D laboratory. I worked extensively with RS1 programming language. I also provided technical support during the start-up of a manufacturing plant.



·         Developed computer programs for a wide assortment of data analysis needs

·         Developed and implemented control charting package to monitor manufacturing plant’s operational parameters as well as physical and chemical properties of materials

·         Performed synthetic work with raw materials necessary for the formation of magnetic iron oxides

·         Performed numerous studies to determine correlation between materials attributes and variables affiliated with the chemical and thermal processing


National Science Foundation, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Research Assistant, Summer of 1992

I was responsible for setting up a molecular spectroscopy research project that employed a YAG laser to excite RdCs molecules for fluorescence studies.


·         Construction of an alkali metal confinement system which consisted of a vacuum system, water cooling system, and heating system

·         Setup an optics system consisting of mirrors, lenses, and beam splitters to direct laser light and spectral emissions

·         Collected absorption spectra of Cesium and Rubidium with a monochromator and photomultipliers

·         Quantified rotational and vibrational spctra.


S.U.N.Y. Potsdam, Potsdam, NY

Physics Laboratory Grader, Sept. 1991 to May 1992

As part of a college “work-study” program, and under the direction of the physics department faculty, I was responsible for the grading of student’s laboratory reports for mechanics, electricity, and magnetism experiments.



National Science Foundation, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Research Assistant, Summer of 1988

Set up a Mossbaur spectroscopy research project and analyzed nuclear spectra

Achievements: Projects and objectives of research include:

·         Setup apparatus for the collection of nuclear spectrums from assorted raw mineral samples containing iron. Apparatus included a velocity transducer, gamma ray photodetector, pre-amp, and multi-channel analyzer, plus an assortment of computers.

·         Employed FORTRAN programs to process collected data into spectral information

·         Studied spectral results to determine energy levels / energy states of the nucleus of atoms contained in the test samples

·         Compared and confirmed that energy states match theoretical descriptions of the nucleus, including: isomer shift, electric quadrapole splitting, and magnetic dipole splitting of the nuclear energy levels