During my time with Schlumberger Carbon Services (as well as Graduate School) I’ve had the good fortune to attend a number of desirable training and educational opportunities.


·         WVU – Stratigraphy of Porous Media (a.k.a. Sequence Stratigraphy), Spring, 2016

·         WVU – Advanced Stratigraphy Seminar with field trip to Book Cliffs, Utah, Spring, 2016

·         WVU – Microseismicty, Listening to the Rocks, Fall, 2015

·         AIPG: The Expanding World of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Shale Resources, Columbus OH, April 27-29, 2015

·         Well Site Visit: Spent a week at the CCSNS#1 Drill Site during drill and coring operations. Most of my time was spent with the site geologists participating in core barrel prep for core lab and also got to study cuttings during drilling. Nov., 2014.

·         Eureka: Geology Field Trip: Unconventional field trip examining Shales and fractures in the Canadian Front Range, September 2014

·         Eureka: Geology Workshop, Calgary Canada, September 2014

·         SEG: Geostatistics for Seismic, by Olivier Dubrule, September 24, 2014

·         Eureka: Downhole Seismic Workshop - Joint Workshop of Borehole, Crosswell and Passive Seismic SIGs., September 2013.

·         NExT: Fluvial and Deltaic Architecture and Advanced Modeling using Petrel, Book Cliffs Utah, May 2013

·         OOGA: UTICA-2012 - 2nd Annual Technical Forum, October 2012

·         NeXT: Field Trip – Shore and near-shore depositional environments, with Alan Brown, July, 2012

·         SLB: Petrel Advanced Geomodeling (Multi-Point and Conditional Facies Modeling) June, 2012

·         SEG: Microseismic Monitoring in Gas and Oilfields, with Leo Eisner, May 2012

·         DCS: DeepBlue 2 G&G, Sept/ Oct 2011

·         SLB: Field Trip: Geology of the Animas River Valley, Durango, CO, hosted by Dr. Alan Brown, June, 2011

·         SEG: Microseismic Monitoring Boot Camp, with Shawn Maxwell, April, 2011

·         SLB Wireline: I witnessed the logging operations for Verification Well #1 associated with the IBDP. Q4, 2010

·         The Ammerman Experience: Presentation Skills Training, Dec., 2010

·         SEG: 3D Seismic Attributes for Prospect Identification and Reservoir Characterization, with Kurt Marfurt, Oct., 2010

·         SEG: “Planning and Operating a Land 3D Seismic Survey” by Andreas Cordsen and Peter Eick in Oct., 2009

·         SCA: Applied Subsurface Geological Mapping, July, 2009

·         WesternGeco: I witnessed the Tenaska 2D seismic survey in Taylorville, Illinois, July 2009

·         AAPG: Seal and Reservoir Flow Barrier Analysis and Prediction, June, 2009

·         AAPG: Basic Well Log Interpretation, with George Asquith and Daniel Krygowski, April 2009

·         SLB: Petrel Workflow Manager and Uncertainty Analysis, Feb., 2009

·         SLB: Interactive Petrophysics, Jan, 2009

·         Weatherford: Basic Open Hole Log Interpretation, Sept., 2008

·         PTTC: Workshop on: “Fracture in Devonian Black Shale of the Appalachian Basin”, with Terry Engelder, Jan., 2008

·         SLB: Petrel RE (Reservoir Engineering), Dec., 2007

·         SLB: Petrel Fracture Modeling, June, 2007

·         SLB: Petrel Introductory Course. Mar., 2007